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Escozine™ is a natural supplement containing polarized and potentiated, essential minerals extracted from a novel peptide, obtained from blue scorpion serum.

Escozine™ is processed with an exclusively owned and patented polarization technology that potentiates the active ingredients in the blue scorpion serum and supports health at a deep cellular level.

Escozine™ has been used for many years in over 40 countries, with remarkable feedback from those who have experienced the product.


Escozine GNP-1

ESCOZINE GNP-1 is in research and development as an advanced anti-cancer drug. It is a novel bio-active peptide extracted from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom in combination with polarized gold nanoparticles.

Medolife is preparing to apply to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) for approval to start clinical trials of ESCOZINE GNP-1.


Medolife expects to have promising results with an injectable version which is currently in research and development. The product will be directly injected into the tumor by normal injectable methods or by Electrophoresis.

In many cases, doctors cannot perform necessary surgery or use chemotherapy because of tumor location or the patient’s health condition.

Escozine Injectable can become a useful tool for doctors.


For those who require a more monitored treatment process, the intravenous version will provide an effective solution for doctors. This version of the product is in research and development in cooperation with Synthesis Laboratories.


Four types of Escozine patch are in the research and development stage and these will provide an easy, targeted and effective delivery solution for the product. The enhanced transdermal technology system will allow Escozine’s small molecule peptide to pass through skin’s barrier layer of stratum corneum directly to the target location.The patches that are being developed are:

  • Breast Patch
  • Prostate Patch
  • Skin Patch
  • Immune Enhancer Patch
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